What are Release Notes? And Why are they Important in Embedded Development?

Release Note

What are Release Notes? Release notes are documents or announcements that accompany the release of new software or updates to existing software. They are used to inform users, stakeholders, and developers about what has changed, what has been added, fixed, or improved, and any known issues.   Why Are Release Notes Important? Release notes keep […]

What is Requirement Traceability? And Why Should Managers of Embedded Development Care About It?


Requirements’ traceability is the ability to track requirements throughout the product’s life cycle. This includes linking requirements with other higher and lower-level requirements, test cases, use cases, risks, and deliverables etc. Why Do We Need Requirement Traceability? In the case of Embedded system development, you need requirement traceability for the audits of the certification process. […]

Why Your Electronics and Embedded Product Development Is So Slow

Time to market can make or break a product’s success. Delays in product launches block revenue and cause a cashflow problem for the business. You have customers waiting. And you have competition arising from “Me Too” products. This is especially true in the world of embedded systems.   If your electronics and embedded product development is […]

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