An Overview of Our Delivered Projects

We have done a variety of projects across different industries such as IoT, Consumer Electronics, Automative, Industrial Control and Avionics.
We have a rich legacy of delivered projects and satisfied clients.
GPS and Laser System

GPS and Laser System for Geological Sensing

Satellite Communication for UAV

Satellite Communication for UAS/UAV Applications


Software for High Reliability Battery Management System for Industrial Applications

Wearable Electronics

Sensor Hardware for Industrial Wearables Electronics using BLE

Pipe Leak Detection

Industrial IoT Sensor Signal Conditioning and Monitoring for Pipe Leak Detection

Pharmaceutical Applications

Dissolution Testers for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Human Fitness Analyzer

Human Vigilance and Fitness Analyzer based on Pupil Diameter Detection using Infrared Camera

Flight Control and Collision Detect

Flight Controller and Collision Detection Circuit

Automatic Auxiliary Entertainment System

Electronic Design of Automotive Auxiliary Entertainment System

High Resolution Pressure Sensor

Embedded System for High Resolution Pressure Sensors

Sports Applications

Portable Sensor Systems for Sports Applications

Home Automation

Porting of Zigbee Bridge Firmware to ESP32 for Home Automation Application

Quantum Sensing

Very Low Noise DC-DC Converter for Quantum Sensing Application

Wireless Cat Tracking and Training

Wireless Cat Tracking and Training Application using LoraWAN

Laser Based Hair Removal System

Firmware Management and Maintenance for Laser based Hair Removal System

And many more...!

Oxeltech Norms & Standards

Take a Look at our Development Norms and Standards

Oxeltech Valued Clients

German Mittelstand and EU Small & Medium Enterprises

University Research Groups

ESA & EXIST Funded Startups

Various German and swiss Startups

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